Loaie, the game where you build and shoot like insane with your bow. Really fun if you're asking me! I took up this project a couple of weeks ago. I really wanted to do something new, I did it! And now you're right here at this webpage reading this text about the game and the creation of the game. It actually feels kind of strange that I now have my own awsome little game running. If you scroll down a littlebit on the page, you will find the download link. The game will be free until the Alpha Version 0.1.0, the game is now into the Alpha 0.0.1! If you want this to be on it's own website, you can use the donate button further down on the page.
To the right of this text you will see the donate button. If you donate to this project it will get it's own little website as explained into the text earlier. Happy donating!
So, you want to play it after all? Then I have an awsome idea for you. It's just to click the Download button and the download will begin. Before opening the file, make sure that you have java on your computer, if not you can download it Here. Download Loaie Here (Alpha 0.0.8)! If you're having any problems running it, you should create a .bat file in the same catalog as you have the game in, and type in (Into the .bat) "java -jar Loaie.jar", without the Quote Signs ("). If you're having further problems with this you could send me a mail to alerhau@gmail.com! See the version updates Here!
Instructions of how to play the game:
W, A, S, D: Used to move around on the screen.
W, A: Used for scrolling up and down in the escape menu. Escape: Enters the escape menu. Enter: Select a control in the escape menu, then press a key & you've changed key. F: Used to open up your inventory.
Q, E: Used to change your item into the inventory.
R: Used to reset your inventory items.
Z: Used to save the game to save.txt.
X: Used to load the last saved game.
Up, Down, Left, Right: Used to place blocks while holding them
Maybe you would like to see a littlebit of the game before playing it? Then go ahead and watch the earlier versions developing status videos! Enjoy!
(c)2011 Alexander Hållenius, Alerhau AB (Both Game & Website)