When you go to the same tournament, at the same casino, everyday you get to know people. At the table yesterday there were two players from the day before and the first hours passed with friendly talks. I learned that the tournament at Bellagio only attracts around 40 people and that most people preferred Aria as there is almost always around 100 entrants.

I called a raise with 89 suited and made a 2 pair on the flop. I checked to the bettor and he bet around half the pot. I reraised and he called. On turn I made a decent size bet, mostly to prevent the opponent from betting and preserve decisions for the river. The bad thing with making a two pair on connectors is that there are straight possibilities all over the place. After a river that built on not only to straights but also there was now a possible flush on the table I decided to just check and leave that hand behind.

It took me a while to build back to average but I could not enjoy that for long :( . UTG bet, a mid position raised and I re-raised with KK. UTG folded, mid position went all in and – well I had to call? Ofcourse he had AA and that gave me a rapid exit from the tournament.

I considered playing the 7PM tourney as well but changed my mind and decided to have a few beers instead. As my slot budget is limited to 20 dollars a day I went for cash game at Harrahs.

I dont recall when I played cash the last time? Feels like ages ago. The table had mostly locals and they were very welcoming to my arrival. I almost did not have time to play for all the questions I got! But I did not mind :) As always the guys next to me showed me their cards! I lost a big pot in the beginning when I flopped a straight. In the end I had to give it up for the apparent flush :( I made up for that by winning a few good pots. (With hands that I would not even play in a tournamnet!) But I noticed early that most hands ended with showdown and “who has the highest nothing” so any pair on the flop was worth a 12 dollar bet.

The guy at my right side was a ranch owner and, as it showed, some kind of hero. He showed me pictures and a man at the other side of the table stood up and shook his hand and thanked him for the services for his country?! I am still lost on that one?! It ended up with the whole table being very patriotic about it. Anyway I got his number as he most likely could get me tickets for the rodeo in December. He gets them for free and never uses them so he figured he might as well give them to me :) (and any friend of my choice!) If that will work out or not I don’t know but regardless it was a few good hours of company.

I left around midnight. Then I was 12 dollars back and that is not bad taking into account that I am not a cash game player! (And that I had quit a few beers!)

It’s not unlikely that I do cash again after today tournament :)

Wholewheat? “A” would have laughed when the lady at starbucks just did not get it. “I’d like a wholewheat bagel pls.” After repeating a number of times I was just about to give up and ask for “just any bagel” when the old lady behind me in the line stepped in. “She would like a wholewheat bagel.”

But that was what I said? Strangly enough the starbuck lady now immediately understood. Hrmf!

Later it showed that I am not the only one with a funny accent. When the dealer at Aria told the two Scottish gentlemen at the tabe that only english was allowed it was hilarious. (No, he was not kidding. The dealers at Aria has so far shown to be serious about their jobs.)

The tournament went well. The table was nice and 30 min levels suits my game perfectly. I get enough decent cards to just calmly grow my stack without taking chances. The main difference with Aria and Venetian is that Aria attract tourists while Venetian has a lot of locals attending. My theory so far is that Venetian has more skillfull players but that also makes them easier to read. They are all somewhat playing “by the book”. At Aria I could spot players at the table that were playing their cards and not paying attention to what the other player may have.

Yesterday there was 109 entrants. After 7 hours of play we were down to 2 tables. My stack was about average and after gazing at the other stackes I actually thought I would make it into the money.

But things switch fast in poker. I raised in mid position with KQ suited. I got a reraise from the chip leader on the button and all other folded. Urgh – that hurt! Blinds being 2000 and ante 300 … there was a lot of chips on the table. I ruled a call out so all in or fold? Was he playing his stack and position? I decided to fold and he showed KK.

A few hand later I was on the button. All folded to me. A10 suited. I raised and the smaller stack in BB moves all in. Hm… another long think.. and I decided to call. He showed A9.

Unfortunately a 9 came on the turn and now I was short. There was no coming back from that and I left shortly after.

Walking home I passed cosmopolitan. I went for a GT but that was possibly not wise :) I stick to my earlier observation that GTs are just best at Cosmopolitan. I felt immediately intoxicated and decided to go back to Harrahs and make an early night. My body is not ready for drinks yet!

An early night means I woke up early again. A good thing I have a good set of movies on my tablet :)

Today activity will be the same tourney at Aria but before that I will go for the bigger adventure of trying to get a wholewheat bagel from the lady at starbucks!

Played my first poker yesterday. Or not really sure it was poker… I was slighty tired and not really in the game at all. To be honest most of the time I longed back to my bed :)

I am excused. The night before I decided to get some takeaway from Panda. That showed to be a bad decision as I managed to get food poisoning :( . Somewhere around 2 AM I was thinking that as I had the do not disturb sign on the door – they would not find my dead body until Saturday. Tragic :) But I decided that crawling to the door and removing the sign was even more tragic!

In the morning I felt a bit shaky and somewhat weak but I am in Vegas for only a few days. And just being in the room is such a waste of time. So I decided to try a tournament at Aria.

It is a good tournament. So nothing to blame that I got busted on AK suited against KQ off… he rivered a Q and that was that. My stack was not even small enough for all in… but I had to call?! After that I was short and just pushed with the next hand. Sort of happy I could go back “home” and sleep :)

The structure at Aria is 10 000 in starting stack and 30 min levels. There was around 90 players. You were allowed one re-entry for the first four levels. I will go back there again today – and as I never played at Aria before I can now add that to my list of rooms :) Comfy chairs, good dealers and I think good set of drinks. (I settled for a few sips of water.) ..and ladies room next to the poker room. I had to check that before signing up ;) .

Now its 5 AM and I am hungry! I think that is a good sign. (The bad thing is possibly that I will be tired at 1PM when the tourney starts :) ) I will go downstairs and see if Starbucks is open. At another casino I would take that for granted – but this is not a party place. (Unless you are 80+) I have never ever seen so many old folks at a casino before. I must admit they make me smile! They all look so friendly and unstressed. When I get to be 80+ I will also be here :) Cause at that age you can just gamble away! You don’t have to worry to have money  for a rainy day :)

I feel totally lost! I need to do some serious replanning :) But being in Vegas guess I can survive that!

Checking in yesterday the lady at the front desk gave me a free upgrade to a premium strip view room. She was impressed over my Toby Keith card :)

The room is OK. View is nice and bed comfy. But it does not come with wifi!

I figured that I would manage with the help of Dennys. I usually do my blog from there anyway. But what?! Not only Dennys vanished! The whole building is gone! Hungry Aliens?!

I walked on to Venetian. Found a store with free internet and hung outside there for some mails.

After coffee and a bagel I moved to sign up for the tournament! Argh! They have some special week! Only expensive tournaments going on! Will do Bellagio instead tomorrow. Today I guess I just stroll around. :)

This wifi I found outside Saks. Comes with comfy armchairs! Yes! Anything to keep the males happy when their women shop!!

Windowseats are for kids, old ladies and travel amateurs! I never ever sit by the window in a plane. I like the aisle. Were you have one side free and can jump up and down without asking someone to move. Admitadly, this time a year, having the power to close the window curtain is an advantage, but having free space and ability for fast exits beat that!

I booked my flight way back in time. At the same time I booked my seats (the perk of having gold status). Ofcourse all aisle seats. When I checked in last night all looked okey. I was slightly disappointed that my points upgrade got rejected but with a good aisle seat in a mid front section I felt I was pretty well off for the atlantic leg of the travel.

At the airport I did not even look at the printed boardingcard. It was not until I boarded the first flight that I noted… WHAT! They had moved me from an excellent 1C to 3A! The first row (all six seats) were occupied by a young couple travelling with their 2 kids. If you were on that plane and heard a strange noice it was me grinding my teeth!

I was still muttering when I approched the checkincounter for Chicago. At my line they had trouble checking a passenger in so after a long wait (adding to my muttering) I switched line. When it finally was my turn I had already noted that the machine frequently spitted out white tags with new seats to people so you can guess I had already prepared a speach to defend my seat if the machine would spit something to me.

I gave away my boarding card and for sure… the machine spitted out a white tag. The lady gave it to me and sent me on my way. But I stayed and looked at it. Argh, H! (that is a window seat.) I was just about to raise my voice when I realised that the window was placed on row 4. Quick change of plans! I moved away from the counter as fast as I could so they could not take it back! I don’t mind being called an old lady or even an amateur when the window is located in Business Class.

After a relaxing flight with a few glasses of champange (no need to mix the drinks when there is good label champange around) I am now in Chicago. I have a few hours here. I was a bit worried they would again try and reject me being in the lounge – but when my boardingpass beeped red the lady said that I should go to another lady in the lounge and she would print me a boarding card that would beep green. I like that approach. Better to create a green situation than sending the customer away!

Happy to say that I played very well in my tournament. I do not get to say that often, but here it was true. I think I have found a new gear?

The table was good. A few tourists, a young guy that knew what he was doing, a Chinese guy that I played against before and an older guy that obviously was there to gamble. I kept away from the pots where the Chinese was in. He was too hard to read. The rest of the crowd was quit obvious. After the first few rounds I had a solid stack!

But lady luck was not with me. I ended up facing an all in against the old guy. I knew my 2 pair was solid and I assumed he was on a draw. Maybe I should have folded? But I called… only to see him river his flush :( There was no coming back from that. Anyway I was OK leaving Venetian. I can only control my own game. Luck will come and go no use in being upset over that :)

We decided to do Buffet again in the evening. Ceasars this time. We had to wait in line for quit a while. But the buffet was worth the wait! Well maintained and huge selection. All that I tried tasted well. (Could be that the Jury is still out on the mango chili lime icecream.?!)

We got confirmed upgrades to business. So travel home will be relaxing :)

Traveling with A has been slight different. Moderate hours and less Corona poker! That could very well be a good thing! One is not getting younger. I have enjoyed the company and A did not have an issue with being in the hotel room for a lot of hours.

Its time to leave Vegas for this time. But I expect too be back :) . In the meanwhile we are getting a Vegas of our own. Before our trip we met a puppy named Las Vegas (Yes no kidding that is his name. His father is named Casino!) We have now voted in favour for adopting him (2-0) so in a few weeks we will possibly shout “Vegas!” every fifth minute :)

Poker stats: 1504 – 960 = + 544 :D

If you are to do “free drinks” at a pennyslot select Cosmopolitan. That place is classy! At Mirage I had to ask if there really was Gin in my tonic water!? At Cosmopolitan the GT is perfect!

I played my worst game ever yesterday. Just to forget about it.

After doing some shopping we decided to go for a buffet. As we felt we deserved some luxurious environment we headed for Wynn. It’s hard not to be impressed by that Casino. You can just feel the wealth of the guests there. The Christmas decorations were sooo over the top!

The buffet is possibly the most expensive in town but as my GT from earlier were still lingering around we did not have to pay extra for alcoholic drinks, coke was fine also for me :)

The dining room is set in smaller areas making the environment calm and sophisticated. The buffet was not the largest but every station was manned and food was prepared almost on demand.

We skipped all carbs :) Value for money is to only eat fish and meat and… Tiramisu! It tasted great! They made tastesize portions of most items so very easy to try stuff out! The waitress was fast with picking plates and refilling drinks. I’ve had buffet at Rio, Mirage and now Wynn. Wynn is the best. I don’t need a bigger buffet. I prefer a well cooked one with good service!

A came up with a new expression. He healthified his less healthy choices by adding just as tiny bit of something healthy to it.

I do think some of the famous Irish luck rubbed off on me during my two years there!

We had breakfast at Denny’s. We both made a light one as we agreed to go to heart attack grill once I busted out of my tournament.

The noon tournaments at Venetian are deep strack. You get 12000 in chips and BB starts at 50. Levels are 30 minutes so you have plenty of time to wait for the right moments to make a move.

My table was really nice. Like sitting in someone’s living room. Mostly locals. A man recognized me from last year! Impressive! I had position on the best players so I did not have to waist calling chips.

I stacked up good after I raised with 33 and hit another 3 on the flop. I managed to stay on above average stack until two tables were left. The antes and blinds caused the game to be aggressive and a lot of doubtful all ins sent the chips to and forward cross the table.

My stack went fast to the ten times BB level were you have to start taking chances to avoid blinding out. The floor came and moved me to the other table. I ended up in BB a guy went all in.  I looked down at the cowboys. I called and almost doubled my stack while sending the guy off to the rails. I was still stacking chips when it was my turn again.  Another guy had gone all on. I peaked at my cards. Cowboys again! I went all in and sent another guy to the rails,

Floor came and moved me back to my old table! I was greated well for bringing more chips to the table!

Game continued for hours! Finally it was clear… With one of the smallest stacks, but still! A final table :)

We all agreed to rearrange the prize structure so all at the final table would get minimum 200 dollars. With my stack I figured it would be me getting the comfort prize!

But poker shift fast! 3 less patient players moved too fast. Now I would get 380 dollars!  When I was looking at 44 I moved my chips in. The caller had AA! I reached for my jacket getting ready to leave… But rivered a 4! I was still short but alive!

More players were defeated and now there were 5 of us. All folded to me. I was on the button. K3 suited. I went all in. Small blind went also all in. I was up against AQ :( . Flop Q3x….. Again I figured I was done for! Again the river saved me. Another 3!!

Now I had the 3rd stack! A guy suggested a deal. We all signed off to 1504 dollars each! Yay!!

The tournament took 8 hours and a bit. Me and A was deadly hungry when we finally got to the closest diner. But never mind that! I will be happoy for days :)

Yesterday I skipped my tournament in favour for my very first Las Vegas show! A historic day :)

We went to Terry Fators Christmas show. We know very little about Terry Fator but we were both amazed over the talant of this guy!


He closed with this classic. (Though Winston was wearing a Santa robe)


It was a great show! And we both found ourselves feeling for the puppets :)

I don’t play cash this trip and there are no cowboys at the Venetian tournaments. But yesterday it was clear that they have now invaded the city. The place to meet them seem to be the hotal elevator! A huge cowboy was annoyed that the elevator did not move upwards. I quietly remarked that I was kind of happy it didn’t as we were on the top floor! Later a set of cowboys could not understand that floor 19 and floor 20 is not the same! Being the mother figure I am I ordered them right back to the elevator and  told them to stay still until I told them to move. The older of them was very appreciative. If they ever made it to their room I don’t know. If you can’t see the difference between 19 and 20….. Detecting the room number must have been a slight challenge!

What a bad luck we had!! Due to the cold and wind the attraction s on top of Stratosphere were closed! The sights were fabulous though!

Then luck changed… They opened the XSCREAM :)

Like most things in life…. It’s scary to wait to get tipped over the edge 109 stories up…. But once you are hanging out in the air.. Looking at the ground far far away – it’s really nothing! One day I will soo comeback for the jump!

Dinner at Toby Keith’s place. A got his soda from a moonshine can :)

Tournament went even better. I have never been closer to a final table at Venetian. But after loosing with AK and 99 in a row again I was facing defeat :(

Nice people! But how to make a read on someone that is watching Asian girls do different hairstyles on each other on his iPhone beats me?! Possibly the strangest table distraction I ever saw!