Had a good day yesterday. Woke early and after breakfast I dragged “L” on a power walk down the strip. We used the many stairs to increase pulse and the crossways around mgm, tropicana, Excalibur and n-y was excellent with a lot of stairs. In the end “L’ opted out and took the escalators – but maybe that was because people looked at us as if we were crazy?

At noon I played at Venetian. 12000 in chips and 30 min levels. BB starts at 100 so a bit faster structure than Aria. Despite that I do like Venetian better. The players are more skilled so it is easier to play.  I lost 4000 in chips early. I kept getting open ended and flush draws but just could not hit! When a guy said: ” the ones that draw for straights and flushes arrive on planes but leave on busses” I had to admit to being guilty as charged! A bit later I repaired my stack with a set of fours. :)

When you play in Vegas you get so many stories. The guy next to me showed me his tattoos. His 20-year old son died in a racecar crash a year ago and now he had filled his body with photos of his son. A sad story but amazing tatoos! When we were down to four tables I was placed at a table were the tabletalk was fierce. At one point it almost went into a fight when a guy asked a coloured man about the “pussy” word that was involved in the recent shooting. The dealer tried to smooth things, and me being the only lady, asked them to !Ind their manners. They shaped up, but the laughter at the table was a bit forced for a while. Shortly after I busted when I tried to make a move in BB. A man raised 3BB. He raised a lot so when I looked at K10 suited I went all in. He called and showed 77.

Dinner at Carmines. Best pasta in town!

Today we started with brunch at hotel. “L” was not keen on another powerwalk so he went to play cash. I did a nice walk. 20 degree’s and sunny. Country music in every corner. Life is good.

In an hour I will try Venetian tourney again.

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