After breakfast at the newly reopened Denny’s I had to speedwalk to get to the tournament in time. At least that is what one of the ticket salesmen said to me as I rushed by him on the bridge between pH and Aria. In my mind I was just on average pace. Vegas is crowdy this week and with 19 degrees and sunny weather, tourists insist on blocking the way with their slow strolls.

Tournament had 158 entrants. 125 buyin, 10 000 in starting stack and 30 minutes levels. I recognised a few locals at the table but there was also some tourists. I had seat 1 and I hate that! Specially bad when the dealer is a big guy covering not only seat 10, but also seat 8 and 9! In the end I gave up trying to see, and just leaned back and waited for my turn. Then I asked the dealer what action was before me. Lucky for me seats 8 to 10 did not play many hands!

In seat 6 was “Mr know it all”. He told us all how bad we played our hands and how incorrect our bettings were! Hurray for the guy that limped with his KK from small blind. Only “Mr know it all” left to act in BB. He goes all in with 99. Kings hold and when “Mr know it all” explains why he did correct and opponent wrong… His opponent that had been silent for two hours said: “If I see bad players I am happy to have them at my table. I would be stupid trying to teach them how to improve.”

I kept to average stack until 4 tables left. My raise with AK got called. An A on the flop. I bet – he reraises. But not big enough for me to fold. Turn pairs the 10 that was on the table. I bet and he calls and that told me he had a 10. So I folded after the river. He showed 9 10. So my reading is at least spot on. The rest of the tournament was trying to survive. Finally I busted when my AK lost against JJ. Place 28 is OK.

Today I woke to late for noon tournament. Was in bed 6am – what can I say, In Vegas all clocks are off. :)

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