7 756 steps to Vegas from my home door. Not to bad! Admittadly there was three airplaines and a cab involved aswell. :)

Arrived last night around 7 PM. In Chicago immigration took my passport and sent me away to a room with rows of people just sittning and waiting?! When it comes to boarder police I tend to be careful so I just sat down at my designated chair and waited. Looking around the room…. Hm, possibly 100 persons. Noted to my relief that I was the only white person there! Easy to see I was selected to make up for boarder control statistics!  And true enough after a while I got my passport back without further questions.

Arriving at Mirage the lady at the reception was impressed over the low rate I got on my room. :) . And a few hours later the drinklady in the casino welcomed me back and asked if I just arrived since she had not seen me for a while. Like coming home! :)

Today I play at Aria at 13. But first shower and coffee!

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