The other morning we were watching an insperational service on TV. The pastor said that of you just believe rain will come. Well I played tournaments every second day. Only to meet dry lands. Yesterday we had a break from poker. And found some rain. :-)

Heading south on the strip to see what it looks like this days we reached Tropicana. What a desert place! Drink ladies were a rare species! While waiting (in agony!) we played goldfish slots. Zoinks! The little fish started to give me bonuses! When the fish finally took a rest I was 312 dollars richer!:-) It made somewhat up for the bad drinkservice and poor excuse for a strawberrydaquire.

We continued to Venetian. Hoping for better drinks. And what do you know?! A katapult apeared on one of the reels to a lord of the rings machine.  The big stone hit an ugly bird?! That showed to be the jackpot :-) More than 400 dollars to me! Yay! When it rains it rains!

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