Managed to get a bug if some sort. Need to take it a bit easy. Nevertheless I play the 1pm at Aria everyday. Due to ongoing WSOP they have expanded the tournament area. It has been more than 200 players per day. Yesterday I got close to the money busting out as 25. I had a few great hands in the early blinds and despite my bug it was funny sitting behind a lot of chips.
Players are mostly good. But yesterday there where quit a disturbance when a man claimed the call from hos opponent was invalid as hos opponent talked to another player. Silly of course. Not only because all he said was “what is going on?” But because he had a set on a harmless board.
Later on I came across the player with the bad temper again. I could agree hos opponent made a bad call. And that he hit hos 2 outer was amazing. But this things happen in poker. Making a scene is not changing anything. (Admittadly a bit fun to watch though :-) ).

Watched the soccergame from the pokerroom. Most cheered for Germany! And the goal scored a big applause!

Still no internet at the hotell – but a note saying Motorola guy is coming. Could be a threat for all I know?!

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