Due to bad internet it’s not easy to keep up the blog posting! To be honest I think I will not stay at Harrahs again. Sure, location is good and it is cheap – but if not for my earplugs I would not have any sleep at all. Internet is a joke and housekeeping missed to clean the room despite us being out all day.

Well, possibly I’m just turning to be an old grumpy lady! :-P

At Aria lobby now. Free wifi for all! Now this is hos it should be! Aiming to play the 1pm tourney. The day before yesterday i busted out on a bad beat. My AK lost against AQ :-( It’s a thin line between chip lead and the door!

Maybe there are better ways to be rich? Met Joe at cosmopolitan. A highroller player in the car business. He almost hit a jackpot and said if he hit it he would share with me. :-) Unfortunately hos wife arrived! :-P

Joe suggested to visit Gordon Ramsay Burger. Showed to be a good advice. Really tasty! If you are into burgers that is the place to go. Just be aware you  might never be able to eat at McDonald again!

Ah..and hos many goals can germany score in soccer? …a brazzillion.

And guess what – I’m now up a tier in m-life! Not Sure hos – but pearl card looks nice!

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