Arrived Sunday evening after what felt like a long never ending flight. Never travelled with Air Canada before. “L” that is here with me laughed when I thought the last leg of the trip was operated by Air Canada rough (the correct name is rouge). But after a few hours on their seats he had to  agree. Rough is for sure a bettet name! The transit in Toronto was clever though. Easier than Chicago as we did not have to collect our luggage. Just point it out on a picture.

Harrahs gave us a free upgrade. That ment Mardi gras tower, TV in the bathroom and .. Yay! A coffee maker!

The window is towards carnival courtyard. The music is loud. Yesterday we did an “if you can’t beat them join them”. We outaged the crowd by 20 years but nobody seemed to care. Dancing to 4 am can be so fun! With free shots poured directly into your mouth… It was really crazy!

Yes! I have played some poker too. Venetian is running deepstack and Aria is hosting wpt. So my first real tournament has to wait until tomorrow. I played a 75 dollars tournament at Planet Hollywood. I did not get any cards and got busted when I tried to steal the blinds. Turbo structure is not my thing :( . After a mix of Bloody Mary, gin tonic and beer it was time to play some cash. The table at Harrahs was a mix of people. Being a bit tipsy I knew I had to play ultratight. I would have settled for conversation and beer at the cost of the blinds but poker gods decided I deserved better. Somehow young lads think they can buy me out of a pot. They can’t. The guys at the table that paid attention said it was amazing that someone would pay me off as it was obvious I always had a hand when I played.

The guy next to me was from Greece. He was fun to talk to and as always I feel a bit flattered when someone 15 years younger flirts a bit. (Of course I informed him that “L” was sitting at the next table!)

On my other side sat a guy that still is in the wsop. His story was a bit sad as his wife passed a few months ago leaving him some money and a wish that he should play wsop. It was fun to hear his impression and I wish him luck!

They closed the room early to change the carpet on the tables. I checked out 216 dollars richer. :-)

So far today soccer on TV. Go Germany! A slight hangover so think no dancing tonight. :-P  Will charge my batteries for tomorrow instead!

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