It’s all about the cards! Tournament – many hours in…. I get a full house and was only happy when opponent overbet all in. But?! There was exactly one card left in the deck that could save him. A perfect 8 to give him quads. Well what can I say? I did not see that one coming!

Anyway last day in Vegas. Just to eat it and move on with the day :)

The Friday thrill is in town and number of people, as well as number of consumed drinks, increased. I had two GTs at Cosmopolitan. I got 25 dollars of free slot play there on the plane and finally I remembered the voucher. To my own suprise i managed to play the 25 comps play around and could (aftet two GTs that is) take them out in real money.

I ended the evening at Harrahs poker room again. I am not a cash game player as I don’t want to “gamble”. It does not make sense to me to risk a lot of dollars on draws. I like however to study others. An asian guy that I met the other day told me not to be offended but he did not want to sit at my table. He is one of thoose local grinders that sit for hours and hours and build stacks. My chips are just to hard to come by :D

The tables at Harrahs do not have a lot of drunk players or “by passing tourists.” Instead most people know eachother and the dealers. That is a good thing for me! The game is a 2 dollar (well yesterday it was 4 dollar) a flop game. Button straddle was frequent but who cares when nobody defended the straddle? It was just building the pot – excellent for me as my handselection is the way it is regardless of 2 dollars or 4 dollars! Even in UTG it was just to limp in and hope for a good hit. Cause after the flop game went crazy! People bet on their mid pairs and figured two pairs being a monster. When I only called my full house (I had 22 and flop came A4A – all checks, turn is 2 – a guy bets – I call – river comes with a 6 – the guy bets and I call) they all wondered why I was not betting – eh? A4 and A6 is to me obvious hands that someone might have!

But I made up for my tight profile when I got good hands a few times in a row. All limp and me in BB has AA. I raise 12 dollars and all fold. Next round all limp and I raise 12 dollars with KK and all fold. Round after lady bets another lady re-raises and I re-rasie with AA (again!). Suddenly I was seen as the agressive Swede! Was a bit funny for a few hands later I got another AA (yep, never had that kind of cards before!) I bet 12 dollars – and got 5(!) callers. Urgh! Thought my aces were so dead in the water. Anyway I placed 50 dollars in the pot after the flop and to my suprise they all folded!

When I was about to leave the tabe shifted profile. Now the regulars were gone and drunk young guys were there. A pity my good cards were not as frequent :) But table talk was fun – and that is the reason I’m there anyway! Their geographical knowledge was so non existing! Around 3 AM I felt I just had to go and sleep. The dealers told me to come back soon – the nice thing with a small poker room! (I qualified for the freeroll but then I am on my way home :( )

Cashgame ended 160 dollars plus – which is amazing :)

Time to leave the room and move for the airport. Got a mail that my upgradewish came through – yaay!

Easier to leave knowing I’m back in less than 3 months! :)

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