When you go to the same tournament, at the same casino, everyday you get to know people. At the table yesterday there were two players from the day before and the first hours passed with friendly talks. I learned that the tournament at Bellagio only attracts around 40 people and that most people preferred Aria as there is almost always around 100 entrants.

I called a raise with 89 suited and made a 2 pair on the flop. I checked to the bettor and he bet around half the pot. I reraised and he called. On turn I made a decent size bet, mostly to prevent the opponent from betting and preserve decisions for the river. The bad thing with making a two pair on connectors is that there are straight possibilities all over the place. After a river that built on not only to straights but also there was now a possible flush on the table I decided to just check and leave that hand behind.

It took me a while to build back to average but I could not enjoy that for long :( . UTG bet, a mid position raised and I re-raised with KK. UTG folded, mid position went all in and – well I had to call? Ofcourse he had AA and that gave me a rapid exit from the tournament.

I considered playing the 7PM tourney as well but changed my mind and decided to have a few beers instead. As my slot budget is limited to 20 dollars a day I went for cash game at Harrahs.

I dont recall when I played cash the last time? Feels like ages ago. The table had mostly locals and they were very welcoming to my arrival. I almost did not have time to play for all the questions I got! But I did not mind :) As always the guys next to me showed me their cards! I lost a big pot in the beginning when I flopped a straight. In the end I had to give it up for the apparent flush :( I made up for that by winning a few good pots. (With hands that I would not even play in a tournamnet!) But I noticed early that most hands ended with showdown and “who has the highest nothing” so any pair on the flop was worth a 12 dollar bet.

The guy at my right side was a ranch owner and, as it showed, some kind of hero. He showed me pictures and a man at the other side of the table stood up and shook his hand and thanked him for the services for his country?! I am still lost on that one?! It ended up with the whole table being very patriotic about it. Anyway I got his number as he most likely could get me tickets for the rodeo in December. He gets them for free and never uses them so he figured he might as well give them to me :) (and any friend of my choice!) If that will work out or not I don’t know but regardless it was a few good hours of company.

I left around midnight. Then I was 12 dollars back and that is not bad taking into account that I am not a cash game player! (And that I had quit a few beers!)

It’s not unlikely that I do cash again after today tournament :)

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