Wholewheat? “A” would have laughed when the lady at starbucks just did not get it. “I’d like a wholewheat bagel pls.” After repeating a number of times I was just about to give up and ask for “just any bagel” when the old lady behind me in the line stepped in. “She would like a wholewheat bagel.”

But that was what I said? Strangly enough the starbuck lady now immediately understood. Hrmf!

Later it showed that I am not the only one with a funny accent. When the dealer at Aria told the two Scottish gentlemen at the tabe that only english was allowed it was hilarious. (No, he was not kidding. The dealers at Aria has so far shown to be serious about their jobs.)

The tournament went well. The table was nice and 30 min levels suits my game perfectly. I get enough decent cards to just calmly grow my stack without taking chances. The main difference with Aria and Venetian is that Aria attract tourists while Venetian has a lot of locals attending. My theory so far is that Venetian has more skillfull players but that also makes them easier to read. They are all somewhat playing “by the book”. At Aria I could spot players at the table that were playing their cards and not paying attention to what the other player may have.

Yesterday there was 109 entrants. After 7 hours of play we were down to 2 tables. My stack was about average and after gazing at the other stackes I actually thought I would make it into the money.

But things switch fast in poker. I raised in mid position with KQ suited. I got a reraise from the chip leader on the button and all other folded. Urgh – that hurt! Blinds being 2000 and ante 300 … there was a lot of chips on the table. I ruled a call out so all in or fold? Was he playing his stack and position? I decided to fold and he showed KK.

A few hand later I was on the button. All folded to me. A10 suited. I raised and the smaller stack in BB moves all in. Hm… another long think.. and I decided to call. He showed A9.

Unfortunately a 9 came on the turn and now I was short. There was no coming back from that and I left shortly after.

Walking home I passed cosmopolitan. I went for a GT but that was possibly not wise :) I stick to my earlier observation that GTs are just best at Cosmopolitan. I felt immediately intoxicated and decided to go back to Harrahs and make an early night. My body is not ready for drinks yet!

An early night means I woke up early again. A good thing I have a good set of movies on my tablet :)

Today activity will be the same tourney at Aria but before that I will go for the bigger adventure of trying to get a wholewheat bagel from the lady at starbucks!

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