Played my first poker yesterday. Or not really sure it was poker… I was slighty tired and not really in the game at all. To be honest most of the time I longed back to my bed :)

I am excused. The night before I decided to get some takeaway from Panda. That showed to be a bad decision as I managed to get food poisoning :( . Somewhere around 2 AM I was thinking that as I had the do not disturb sign on the door – they would not find my dead body until Saturday. Tragic :) But I decided that crawling to the door and removing the sign was even more tragic!

In the morning I felt a bit shaky and somewhat weak but I am in Vegas for only a few days. And just being in the room is such a waste of time. So I decided to try a tournament at Aria.

It is a good tournament. So nothing to blame that I got busted on AK suited against KQ off… he rivered a Q and that was that. My stack was not even small enough for all in… but I had to call?! After that I was short and just pushed with the next hand. Sort of happy I could go back “home” and sleep :)

The structure at Aria is 10 000 in starting stack and 30 min levels. There was around 90 players. You were allowed one re-entry for the first four levels. I will go back there again today – and as I never played at Aria before I can now add that to my list of rooms :) Comfy chairs, good dealers and I think good set of drinks. (I settled for a few sips of water.) ..and ladies room next to the poker room. I had to check that before signing up ;) .

Now its 5 AM and I am hungry! I think that is a good sign. (The bad thing is possibly that I will be tired at 1PM when the tourney starts :) ) I will go downstairs and see if Starbucks is open. At another casino I would take that for granted – but this is not a party place. (Unless you are 80+) I have never ever seen so many old folks at a casino before. I must admit they make me smile! They all look so friendly and unstressed. When I get to be 80+ I will also be here :) Cause at that age you can just gamble away! You don’t have to worry to have money  for a rainy day :)

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