I feel totally lost! I need to do some serious replanning :) But being in Vegas guess I can survive that!

Checking in yesterday the lady at the front desk gave me a free upgrade to a premium strip view room. She was impressed over my Toby Keith card :)

The room is OK. View is nice and bed comfy. But it does not come with wifi!

I figured that I would manage with the help of Dennys. I usually do my blog from there anyway. But what?! Not only Dennys vanished! The whole building is gone! Hungry Aliens?!

I walked on to Venetian. Found a store with free internet and hung outside there for some mails.

After coffee and a bagel I moved to sign up for the tournament! Argh! They have some special week! Only expensive tournaments going on! Will do Bellagio instead tomorrow. Today I guess I just stroll around. :)

This wifi I found outside Saks. Comes with comfy armchairs! Yes! Anything to keep the males happy when their women shop!!

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