Windowseats are for kids, old ladies and travel amateurs! I never ever sit by the window in a plane. I like the aisle. Were you have one side free and can jump up and down without asking someone to move. Admitadly, this time a year, having the power to close the window curtain is an advantage, but having free space and ability for fast exits beat that!

I booked my flight way back in time. At the same time I booked my seats (the perk of having gold status). Ofcourse all aisle seats. When I checked in last night all looked okey. I was slightly disappointed that my points upgrade got rejected but with a good aisle seat in a mid front section I felt I was pretty well off for the atlantic leg of the travel.

At the airport I did not even look at the printed boardingcard. It was not until I boarded the first flight that I noted… WHAT! They had moved me from an excellent 1C to 3A! The first row (all six seats) were occupied by a young couple travelling with their 2 kids. If you were on that plane and heard a strange noice it was me grinding my teeth!

I was still muttering when I approched the checkincounter for Chicago. At my line they had trouble checking a passenger in so after a long wait (adding to my muttering) I switched line. When it finally was my turn I had already noted that the machine frequently spitted out white tags with new seats to people so you can guess I had already prepared a speach to defend my seat if the machine would spit something to me.

I gave away my boarding card and for sure… the machine spitted out a white tag. The lady gave it to me and sent me on my way. But I stayed and looked at it. Argh, H! (that is a window seat.) I was just about to raise my voice when I realised that the window was placed on row 4. Quick change of plans! I moved away from the counter as fast as I could so they could not take it back! I don’t mind being called an old lady or even an amateur when the window is located in Business Class.

After a relaxing flight with a few glasses of champange (no need to mix the drinks when there is good label champange around) I am now in Chicago. I have a few hours here. I was a bit worried they would again try and reject me being in the lounge – but when my boardingpass beeped red the lady said that I should go to another lady in the lounge and she would print me a boarding card that would beep green. I like that approach. Better to create a green situation than sending the customer away!

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