Happy to say that I played very well in my tournament. I do not get to say that often, but here it was true. I think I have found a new gear?

The table was good. A few tourists, a young guy that knew what he was doing, a Chinese guy that I played against before and an older guy that obviously was there to gamble. I kept away from the pots where the Chinese was in. He was too hard to read. The rest of the crowd was quit obvious. After the first few rounds I had a solid stack!

But lady luck was not with me. I ended up facing an all in against the old guy. I knew my 2 pair was solid and I assumed he was on a draw. Maybe I should have folded? But I called… only to see him river his flush :( There was no coming back from that. Anyway I was OK leaving Venetian. I can only control my own game. Luck will come and go no use in being upset over that :)

We decided to do Buffet again in the evening. Ceasars this time. We had to wait in line for quit a while. But the buffet was worth the wait! Well maintained and huge selection. All that I tried tasted well. (Could be that the Jury is still out on the mango chili lime icecream.?!)

We got confirmed upgrades to business. So travel home will be relaxing :)

Traveling with A has been slight different. Moderate hours and less Corona poker! That could very well be a good thing! One is not getting younger. I have enjoyed the company and A did not have an issue with being in the hotel room for a lot of hours.

Its time to leave Vegas for this time. But I expect too be back :) . In the meanwhile we are getting a Vegas of our own. Before our trip we met a puppy named Las Vegas (Yes no kidding that is his name. His father is named Casino!) We have now voted in favour for adopting him (2-0) so in a few weeks we will possibly shout “Vegas!” every fifth minute :)

Poker stats: 1504 – 960 = + 544 :D

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