If you are to do “free drinks” at a pennyslot select Cosmopolitan. That place is classy! At Mirage I had to ask if there really was Gin in my tonic water!? At Cosmopolitan the GT is perfect!

I played my worst game ever yesterday. Just to forget about it.

After doing some shopping we decided to go for a buffet. As we felt we deserved some luxurious environment we headed for Wynn. It’s hard not to be impressed by that Casino. You can just feel the wealth of the guests there. The Christmas decorations were sooo over the top!

The buffet is possibly the most expensive in town but as my GT from earlier were still lingering around we did not have to pay extra for alcoholic drinks, coke was fine also for me :)

The dining room is set in smaller areas making the environment calm and sophisticated. The buffet was not the largest but every station was manned and food was prepared almost on demand.

We skipped all carbs :) Value for money is to only eat fish and meat and… Tiramisu! It tasted great! They made tastesize portions of most items so very easy to try stuff out! The waitress was fast with picking plates and refilling drinks. I’ve had buffet at Rio, Mirage and now Wynn. Wynn is the best. I don’t need a bigger buffet. I prefer a well cooked one with good service!

A came up with a new expression. He healthified his less healthy choices by adding just as tiny bit of something healthy to it.

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