I do think some of the famous Irish luck rubbed off on me during my two years there!

We had breakfast at Denny’s. We both made a light one as we agreed to go to heart attack grill once I busted out of my tournament.

The noon tournaments at Venetian are deep strack. You get 12000 in chips and BB starts at 50. Levels are 30 minutes so you have plenty of time to wait for the right moments to make a move.

My table was really nice. Like sitting in someone’s living room. Mostly locals. A man recognized me from last year! Impressive! I had position on the best players so I did not have to waist calling chips.

I stacked up good after I raised with 33 and hit another 3 on the flop. I managed to stay on above average stack until two tables were left. The antes and blinds caused the game to be aggressive and a lot of doubtful all ins sent the chips to and forward cross the table.

My stack went fast to the ten times BB level were you have to start taking chances to avoid blinding out. The floor came and moved me to the other table. I ended up in BB a guy went all in.  I looked down at the cowboys. I called and almost doubled my stack while sending the guy off to the rails. I was still stacking chips when it was my turn again.  Another guy had gone all on. I peaked at my cards. Cowboys again! I went all in and sent another guy to the rails,

Floor came and moved me back to my old table! I was greated well for bringing more chips to the table!

Game continued for hours! Finally it was clear… With one of the smallest stacks, but still! A final table :)

We all agreed to rearrange the prize structure so all at the final table would get minimum 200 dollars. With my stack I figured it would be me getting the comfort prize!

But poker shift fast! 3 less patient players moved too fast. Now I would get 380 dollars!  When I was looking at 44 I moved my chips in. The caller had AA! I reached for my jacket getting ready to leave… But rivered a 4! I was still short but alive!

More players were defeated and now there were 5 of us. All folded to me. I was on the button. K3 suited. I went all in. Small blind went also all in. I was up against AQ :( . Flop Q3x….. Again I figured I was done for! Again the river saved me. Another 3!!

Now I had the 3rd stack! A guy suggested a deal. We all signed off to 1504 dollars each! Yay!!

The tournament took 8 hours and a bit. Me and A was deadly hungry when we finally got to the closest diner. But never mind that! I will be happoy for days :)

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