Yesterday I skipped my tournament in favour for my very first Las Vegas show! A historic day :)

We went to Terry Fators Christmas show. We know very little about Terry Fator but we were both amazed over the talant of this guy!

He closed with this classic. (Though Winston was wearing a Santa robe)

It was a great show! And we both found ourselves feeling for the puppets :)

I don’t play cash this trip and there are no cowboys at the Venetian tournaments. But yesterday it was clear that they have now invaded the city. The place to meet them seem to be the hotal elevator! A huge cowboy was annoyed that the elevator did not move upwards. I quietly remarked that I was kind of happy it didn’t as we were on the top floor! Later a set of cowboys could not understand that floor 19 and floor 20 is not the same! Being the mother figure I am I ordered them right back to the elevator and  told them to stay still until I told them to move. The older of them was very appreciative. If they ever made it to their room I don’t know. If you can’t see the difference between 19 and 20….. Detecting the room number must have been a slight challenge!

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