What a bad luck we had!! Due to the cold and wind the attraction s on top of Stratosphere were closed! The sights were fabulous though!

Then luck changed… They opened the XSCREAM :)

Like most things in life…. It’s scary to wait to get tipped over the edge 109 stories up…. But once you are hanging out in the air.. Looking at the ground far far away – it’s really nothing! One day I will soo comeback for the jump!

Dinner at Toby Keith’s place. A got his soda from a moonshine can :)

Tournament went even better. I have never been closer to a final table at Venetian. But after loosing with AK and 99 in a row again I was facing defeat :(

Nice people! But how to make a read on someone that is watching Asian girls do different hairstyles on each other on his iPhone beats me?! Possibly the strangest table distraction I ever saw!

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