Or rather preparing for the jump! After breakfast we will go to Stratosphere tower and sign up for the jump. We are both secretly hoping that the attraction will be closed due to windy weather :)

It’s freezing cold in Vegas. A calls the sun for “fast sun” as when it shows it is really hot. People are wearing everything from T-shirt and shorts to winter coats. A young lady had a sweater with out a front side! Slightly odd as she didn’t have a brah either! Not sure what she was thinking… Pretty sure what A was thinking!

Got busted at pretty much the same spot in the tournament. Need to figure out how to adapt my game to the conditions here. People play like it is a rebuy so they gamble with just about anything. I got a good stack going but then I run into a series of good cards.. Yes! :( People kept going all in and me having AK and KK and.. was happy to call… until after the river :(

I have another try tonight. At least my gaming stats will be easy.

When arriving back at Mirage around midnight there was a live country and on stage. They were not half bad so I stayed there for a good end of the day.

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