A good first day in Vegas. We woke up early and headed to Denny’s for breakfast. We were in a slight “slam” coma when we left to explore some of the city!

A truly enjoyed the casinos. He found them a bit physadelic (hence the title). We were not stopped once despite the fact that we walked slow to allow A to get good views.

We went from Venice all the way to Monte Carlo, via Greece and Paris. A noted something that I never observed.. The lack of clothes on the greeke statues at Ceasars. Now the statues are enormous… I think you can imagine the rest :)

In the evening I went to Venetian for a tournament. I do like the tournaments there. Got busted when there were two tables left :( . Nothing to say about that. Was a good couple of hours.

When I arrived to the room around 2 am A was already in bed.

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