Magic for the fact that we got here! We managed to avoid the storm somehow. Not really sure how that happened? Plane was delayed for one leg of the trip – but they held the next flight. How often does that happen? Even our bag made it :-)

We had a minor set back in Chicago. New rules?? No lounge allowed when you transit. Well who said not to do the same thing twice and expect a different result? We tried the lounge again… And was let in?!

I got stopped in security for a drug test! Has never happened before. Why stop an old lady? I tested clean and suggested they test A. But they did not want to do that :( .

We got a nice top floor room at the Mirage. I asked for a view to allow A to see as much as possible of Vegas even if he stays in the room a lot. The lady at check in was very symphatetic.

We walked cross the street to get some water and soda. A guy politely asked if we wanted to buy weed. A smiled. But I wonder if I acquired the look of a user? Both customs and dealers seem to think so!!

Maybe I am just tired! We have both gone to bed and will sleep as fast as we can so we don’t miss any of the fun!

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