Every time life gets a bit out of hand I have found myself looking at it like the old Wariomario game I once excelled in. At the end of each level there was always this completely unbeatable boss. But once you figure it out – your character jumps out on the next level. New skills acquired and all ready for new adventures!

My most important blog reader passed away. I will write anyway. Who knows how far out in the unknown the internet stretches? And to be honest, knowing me, a few years from now I will not like a “hole” in my line of Vegas memories.

This will be a very special trip! I am bringing “A”. Yes, I agree – a teenager in Vegas?! Plan is that A will do some schoolwork when I am at the tables – and then we enjoy some of the stuff that I have postponed for just this trip – the trip when I bring someone crazy enough to jump from the Stratosphere tower with me :-) (Have to hand in a disclamer there – maybe I’m not brave enough when we finally stand at the edge!)

Tomorrow morning the plane will take off – and if all go well – tomorrow evening we arrive in Never Never Land!

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