The arrive on planes….

11 Dec 2014 Cowboyweek 2014 Comments OFF

Had a good day yesterday. Woke early and after breakfast I dragged “L” on a power walk down the strip. We used the many stairs to increase pulse and the crossways around mgm, tropicana, Excalibur and n-y was excellent with a lot of stairs. In the end “L’ opted out and took the escalators – [...]

Decided to use yesterday to get the timezones adjusted. I managed to do my list of shopping, there are some stuff I always get when I’m here.
I skipped tournament and continued my second task, to document what casino gives best value for money if you want cheap drinks. (Timing how long you have to wait [...]

Long day

8 Dec 2014 Cowboyweek 2014 Comments OFF

After breakfast at the newly reopened Denny’s I had to speedwalk to get to the tournament in time. At least that is what one of the ticket salesmen said to me as I rushed by him on the bridge between pH and Aria. In my mind I was just on average pace. Vegas is crowdy [...]

7 756 steps to Vegas

7 Dec 2014 Cowboyweek 2014 Comments OFF

7 756 steps to Vegas from my home door. Not to bad! Admittadly there was three airplaines and a cab involved aswell.
Arrived last night around 7 PM. In Chicago immigration took my passport and sent me away to a room with rows of people just sittning and waiting?! When it comes to boarder [...]