Decided to use yesterday to get the timezones adjusted. I managed to do my list of shopping, there are some stuff I always get when I’m here.
I skipped tournament and continued my second task, to document what casino gives best value for money if you want cheap drinks. (Timing how long you have to wait [...]

Due to bad internet it’s not easy to keep up the blog posting! To be honest I think I will not stay at Harrahs again. Sure, location is good and it is cheap – but if not for my earplugs I would not have any sleep at all. Internet is a joke and housekeeping missed [...]

It’s all about the cards! Tournament – many hours in…. I get a full house and was only happy when opponent overbet all in. But?! There was exactly one card left in the deck that could save him. A perfect 8 to give him quads. Well what can I say? I did not see that [...]

Yesterday tournament was a bit boring. There was no one to talk to (I had seat 1 and the guy next to me did not speak english.. or so he claimed ) A female dealer came to the table and she started to toss cards all over the place with a rather hostile [...]

When you go to the same tournament, at the same casino, everyday you get to know people. At the table yesterday there were two players from the day before and the first hours passed with friendly talks. I learned that the tournament at Bellagio only attracts around 40 people and that most people preferred Aria [...]

Wholewheat? “A” would have laughed when the lady at starbucks just did not get it. “I’d like a wholewheat bagel pls.” After repeating a number of times I was just about to give up and ask for “just any bagel” when the old lady behind me in the line stepped in. “She would like a [...]

Played my first poker yesterday. Or not really sure it was poker… I was slighty tired and not really in the game at all. To be honest most of the time I longed back to my bed
I am excused. The night before I decided to get some takeaway from Panda. That showed to [...]

I feel totally lost! I need to do some serious replanning But being in Vegas guess I can survive that!
Checking in yesterday the lady at the front desk gave me a free upgrade to a premium strip view room. She was impressed over my Toby Keith card
The room is OK. View [...]

Windowseats are for kids, old ladies and travel amateurs! I never ever sit by the window in a plane. I like the aisle. Were you have one side free and can jump up and down without asking someone to move. Admitadly, this time a year, having the power to close the window curtain is an [...]

Happy to say that I played very well in my tournament. I do not get to say that often, but here it was true. I think I have found a new gear?
The table was good. A few tourists, a young guy that knew what he was doing, a Chinese guy that I played against before [...]